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    Zhejiang Sinpo Medical Technology Co., Ltd  is located in Zhejiang Province, China, is a company specializing in medical equipment business.
   Over the years, the company always adhere to customer demand as the core, quality oriented, the overall solution for the user to provide medical equipment; adhere to the "leading technology, share the dream" concept - to provide you with the world's leading high-tech products, to help doctors more accurate and more secure services for the public health transfer dream!
    We with GE, PHILPS, SIEMENS, Johnson, Hitachi, OLYMPUS, MINDRAY, Laborie, Lumenis, PERLONG and other well-known medical equipment manufacturing enterprises to establish a strategic partnership, and maintain long-term cooperation. While introducing advanced equipment, we also integrate foreign advanced management concepts into the enterprise and provide more scientific and professional services for Chinese medical institutions and patients. In the medical device industry and make sharp focus in the industry to establish a stable market, has a wide range of customer resources, formed a marketing network covering more than 20 countries; in the industry establish a good reputation, and by the Zhejiang Provincial Health Supervision Bureau awarded the "quality management" unit ", has won the" national quality integrity AAA brand enterprise ",   " the contract and trustworthy enterprise "," integrity unit "and the honorary.
    Next, we pay more attention to the promotion of science and technology leading products, improve customer service quality, first-class talents   team, with advanced products and high-quality services to create value for customers, with a grateful attitude and social returns.
Zhejiang Sinpo Medical Technology Co., Ltd. is willing to work with you hand in hand, work together for the cause of human health unremitting     efforts!

Company vision Suncode dream is to become a leading company in the field of medical equipment, to provide first-class products and services quality for customers, by doctors and patients trust - "manufacturing quality, reliable manufacturing" Company mission Dedicated to the pursuit of high quality products and services Realize the perfect combination of performance and price Provide a platform for every diligent and dedicated employee to realize his dream Core values Customer oriented high performance culture: care for the needs of doctors and patients, manufacturing intimate products, so that doctors and patients relieved Teamwork: win-win Keep faith: dare to take on, and abide by the promise Continual improvement: the pursuit of excellence, the never-ending improvement
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