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Service quality, trust, and clients satisfaction in interpersonal-based medical service encounters.

The intimate contact between service provider and service recipient is involved in the scenario of service, and such contact opportunity shall definitely and greatly influence the customer’s evaluation process and focal point.

The service encounter system, including service personnel, physical facility, and other tangible elements, is regarded by customers as a part of the service.In addition, the enhancement of service quality places emphasis on the actual service process and the discussion of service encounter has obviously been the focus of service management.
As the competition in the medical service industry is intense and a large number of medical institutions have to share a limited medical market, medical service marketing (encounter) now plays an important role in hospital management. Also, medical services are still a kind of services and it is widely recognized that there is inherent difference between medical services and tangible products.
The fields of Hospital and Medical management include:
Hospital Design up-to completion,Hospital Administration; Hospital internal Networks; healthcare communication; Hospital Pharmacy; Health Information Management; Psychiatric hospital; Hospital Emergency Planning; Healthcare facility layout; Healthcare Research lab; Medical case management; Medical rehabilitation; Healthcare Delivery Systems;Medical informatics; Electronic Medical Records; Patients data management; Nursing and Training ; Occupational Therapy;  Physiotherapy; Primary care; Ambulatory care; Emergency care Patient Intensive and Critical Care; Community Health Nursing; Palliative Care; Obstetrics & Gynecology; Neurology; Anesthesiology & Reanimation; Clinical Neuropsychology; Personal Health Record...

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