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From the emergency room to ICU & CCU, sterile room to OT room, ophthalmology equipment & instruments to dental care, equipment maintenance to training, and more. We understand your needs and the challenges you face. We provide you with solutions and support you with ongoing expertise, education, and consultation. Our goal is to help you provide the safest and most reliable care. As your partner, we would make it easier for you to do your job under the best possible conditions and drive better patient outcomes.

Emergency Solutions

With the rapid pace and significant patient flow that characterizes the emergency department, being able to quickly adjust to changes and take action is of utmost importance. With Sinpo you will have a partner that understands and supports the workflow in the ER with state-of-the-art products and solutions, so that you can focus on what is most important: providing the very best patient care.

ICU & CCU Solutions

We strive to help you improve outcomes in intensive care and coronary care. Both ICU and CCU are in critical and costly environment. We focus on developing user-friendly and reliable solutions to help you provide better outcomes for difficult-to-treat patients, and creating a clinically robust, cost-effective environment for patients to heal and recover.

OT Solutions

The modern OT is the core of the hospital, the intersection of many professional disciplines, each with unique needs. Sinpo's OT Solutions provide customized operating theaters by designing them around the physicians, surgeons, nurses and anesthesiologists so that they can carry out the procedures quickly and precisely. These Operating Room Solutions optimize the workflow and increases productivity.

Sterile Solutions

Sterile room in hospital is a place to create and maintain sterile environment for the safety of both medical workers and patients. Sinpo provides all kinds of equipments, tools and consumable materials in sterile room. We aim to create a professional and well-organized sterile room with high-efficiency.

Ophthalmology Equipment & Instruments Solutions

Ophthalmology Equipment & Instruments solutions :We understand the complex clinical and business needs of today’s ophthalmic practice. From your front desk, exam lanes, surgical center, and optical, our all-in-one solution is specifically designed to increase your practice’s efficiency, profitability, and to give you more time for what matters most—your patients.

Dental Care Solutions

Sinpo is proud to offer an extensive inventory of dental equipment products, and accessories, plus innovative dentistry related services designed to maximize the efficiency and profitability of your practice. We believe that competitive prices, good services, and understanding our customer’s needs are the fundamentals of our success.

Morgue Solutions

Sinpo provides morgue-related equipments with practicability and good quality. Standard and custom fridge systems are designed to meet morgue needs.

Medical Equipments Maintenance Solutions

Sinpo provides medical equipment maintenance to ensure safety and reliable operation of medical equipment and effective treatment of patients.

Training Solutions

Sinpo has a professional team to provides professional training solutions for hospital staffs follow international guidelines.

Central Sterile Supply Department Solutions

CSSD is a logistic center of the hospital responsible for cleaning, disinfection and sterilization. Sinpo provides various sterile equipment & appliance, dressings and other sterile items of good quality, which improve the quality of medical and nursing work, and even the patient’s life safety.

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